How to promote a restaurant? Are you looking for unique restaurant promotion ideas? Then you have certainly landed in the right place.
A survey by MGH stated that 45% of US diners choose a restaurant because of its posts on social media. Certainly, marketing strategies have changed over the course.

Here’s an example of a prominent restaurant Sketch, which is based in London.
Sketch religiously posted Instagram friendly photos. Thus, attracting more customers in a short span of time.
Also, Leon has scaled up its restaurant business, by making a point to reply to the majority of those who mention them on Twitter.
Leon’s customer-friendly service can be anticipated by these tweets.
In this competitive business world, digital marketing is a boon to strategize your business. Some are using it for their benefits. While others are oblivious of it,

missing golden opportunities for enhancing their business.

Digital marketing will help you promote your restaurant. Thus, attracting more customers to your restaurant. But you need to know the effective ways of doing it.
That is why we have listed 11 ideas which would help you to promote your restaurant. Take a look at several restaurant marketing strategy examples and start growing!

1. Delicious Photos :

Delicious photos! This ought to be the exclamation of people seeing your photos. Your photos should compel a person to visit your restaurant. The colours of your served item should visually be appealing. Thus, you need to hire a photographer.
Take a look at Sweetgreen’s Instagram profile. They make it a point to showcase their seasonal menu items. They are regular with these appetising posts, receiving thousands of likes and comments. Thus, this strategy was implemented by Sweetgreen to make its mark in the restaurant industry.
Here’s another beautifully designed taproom’s picture of Hopewell Brewing Co. They flaunt their well-designed space along with their new beer releases. Thus, product photography plays a major role in their business. Clicking food pictures sounds like a child’s play. But it isn’t. Remember that you’ve competitors who may have already implemented this. You don’t want your food to look shabby in pictures. Do you? Certainly not! So, flaunt your food and space through beautiful and attractive pictures. Also, remember that lighting is an important factor. Make arrangements for the same.

2. Instagram Marketing

Having an Instagram profile of your restaurant is a great way to attract customers. You can post pictures of your ‘special items’. Also, you can post about the ‘special discounts of the week’. Maintaining an attractive profile, which would make people ‘hungry’ is the way to go.
Here’s an example of ‘The Good Batch’. The Good batch is a bakery in Brooklyn, New York serving delicious pastries and cookies. Their Instagram profile is flooded with pictures of these mouth-watering pastries and cookies. Not only have they shot pictures indoors, but also in and around New York City. Thus, a great example to keep a restaurant’s connection to its neighbourhood.
Play around with hashtags to keep your post in trending. Hashtags like #ThrowbackThursday or your own hashtags will do the job. Post regularly to let your followers know your identity.

3. Use of Email Newsletter :

You can occasionally send a restaurant newsletter to your potential customers. This may feature a new menu or special discounts. Also, sharing your success story will be helpful. Do not overdo it as it may lead to customer’s irritation. To build an email list, you can provide a website pop-up. Here’s an example:

Also, it will be great for sending a similar birthday email newsletter to your subscribers. It will give the impression that you truly care about your customers. You can take help of email marketing tools like Automizy.
Similarly, you can invite your customers for events. This email newsletter will do for a special occasion like BBQ grill evening, Christmas dinner or a Karaoke party.

4. Partner with food apps :

Plenty of food apps are available in the market. Partnering with these apps will enable visitors to check out your profile. This will be done through gamification and customer loyalty programs. Thus, your restaurant’s content will reach more eyes now.
These are some examples you can choose from:

  • LevelUp
  • Belly
  • Perka
  • Loyal Blocks

5. Yelp :

Why would customers choose your restaurant? Certainly, for good quality food. But how will new customers know about your food? This is where Yelp plays a major role.
Your past customers or food bloggers will definitely review you on Yelp. Having positive Yelp reviews will take your restaurant to heights. Thus, having a Yelp account becomes mandatory. Also, follow these rules while dealing with Yelp:

  • Keep your profile up to date. Make sure to showcase your appetising menu along with photos.
  • Share the ambience of your restaurant through pictures.
  • Provide your location and opening/closing time.
  • Handle feedback- negative or positive politely. Thank the customers who have rated you positively. At the same time, thank the customers who have rated you negatively as well. Apologise for the stated unfavourable service and give your word to improve it next time.
  • When you’ll value your customers, they’ll certainly knock your door again!

6. Happy Employees:

Many will share the ambience of their restaurants. But what about the staff? If the staff is happy working, your customers will be happy eating. Share a picture of ‘happy employees’ (in the true sense). Their smile will be the reason for your customers to make a visit to your restaurant.
Here’s McDonald’s India sharing posts about their happy employees. Seeing them enjoy and smile like this, tells a lot more about their work culture.

7. Always share positivity:

Social media is an easy platform to reach millions. Post photos of your customers along with food. Satisfied and smiling customers will speak for your food’s quality. Thus, viewers will be willing to visit your restaurant. You can also share a list of positive reviews given by your customers. Thus, valuing their feedback. This, in turn, will attract more customers to your restaurant.

8. Have a restaurant blog:

This isn’t a mandatory step. Though, it’s good to have your own blog. You can share your recipes, success stories, struggles you’ve gone through in the making of your restaurant or any restaurant-related stuff. It’s not necessary to post frequently. However, blogging can help to promote a restaurant. Amato’s is an Italian eatery in New England. The restaurant used its blog to announce the opening of new stores. Links to restaurants’ take out menu was also mentioned along with addresses and phone numbers. Thus, using a blog to keep their restaurant and customers updated.

9. Approach Food Bloggers:

For a new restaurant, it’ll be difficult to generate reviews. Thus, its hype among customers will be mere. In order to set foot in this business, you need to approach food bloggers. Invite them to your restaurant, offering them a free meal. Ask them if they would like to review your restaurant. Don’t ask for a positive review directly. It’ll be inappropriate and dishonest! Food bloggers are followed by many foodies. Thus, if they review your restaurant positively, the chances of having more customers in the coming days are higher. They may also tag your social media handle. Thus, you’ll get more eyes watching your dishes.

10. Partner with Delivery Services:

Many restaurants have made their mark by partnering up with delivery services. Customers mostly order through these services. In fact, customers may discover you for the very first time through these services. Thus, it’s imperative to partner with these in this modern world. Eventually, more customers will be diving towards ordering food through online delivery services.
These are some examples of food delivery apps:

  • Uber Eats
  • DoorDash
  • Amazon Food Delivery
  • Postmates
  • Caviar
  • GrubHub
  • Food For All

11. Up your Social Media game:

Social Media has caused a revolution in restaurant marketing strategies. It’s the cheapest, easiest and the best way to promote your restaurant. With billions surfing the net on a daily basis, setting an eye on your profile will be most likely, provided you follow these rules:

  • Post attractive images of your special dishes which would make people crave.
  • Be consistent on social media platforms. However, do not compromise quality in doing the same.
  • Maintain social media handles of the same name so that your customers can easily catch hold of you.
  • Occasionally hold contests on your handles and attract participants. This will help your restaurant reach more people. Praise and appreciate the winners by offering them special discounts or coupons or free meals.

Hodad’s frequently feature their menu items and seasonal specials on Facebook. They have a strong connect with their customers. They also feature photos posted by their customers. Occasionally they also hold contests encouraging people to participate.

Kogi BBQ has made the best use of Twitter for instance. Their food truck travels the streets of Los Angeles and Orange County. Their menu consists of some delicious Korean barbeque-inspired burritos and tacos.

They use Twitter to let their customers know the timings of the food truck. Their twitter handle is quite specific about that. Thus, leading to a rush for lunch and dinner. If you’re into a food truck business, do try out this strategy!
Similarly, YO! Sushi has made the best use of Facebook. Unlike Instagram and Twitter, Facebook is more suited for longer text posts along with images. Here, YO! Sushi posts updates about their new menu items and seasonal specials. They promote their daily specials by compelling posts. They’ve certainly made the best use of Facebook for scaling up their restaurant and attracting more customers.

I hope this article was helpful. So, get started and implement these ideas!