When you run a search on Google seeking to find online digital marketing courses to pursue, you are likely to find results suggesting millions of options. These options may appear to be quite lucrative, claiming to offer top-notch course material which may include videos and printable downloads, priced anywhere between $10 – $200. However, before you decide on signing up for any such digital marketing course online, go through this guide and equip yourself to decide on a course that’s best for you.

But before we get to the steps that will help you pick out a course that is best for you, let’s address a few questions that might be ringing in your head.

Engineering students and digital marketing?

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in the majority of companies going digital. This has opened up a wide gamut of opportunities across industries wherein the roles are not merely limited to design and sell. The outburst of digital marketing opportunities, which is expected to increase over the upcoming years, requires candidates with unique traits that foster application-driven learning.

The traits these roles demand include creativity, innovation, intuition, affinity towards data, curiosity, and critical thinking. The one sect of students who encompass the cited traits are found in engineering institutes –engineering students.

Here are a few points that can help clear the shroud in your mind as to why engineers should consider digital marketing as a career option.

If you learn digital marketing alongside your engineering course,

  • You give yourself a chance to pursue a high potential career option that is relevant and critical to all businesses.
  • You can specialize in one digital marketing area and position yourself as an In-demand professional.
  • You can kickstart a brand new career that can earn you a lucrative income.
  • You get to apply the trait set that is a common requirement to engineering as well as digital marketing roles.

So, how can you prep to become a successful digital marketing professional after you graduate? The answer is simple, Invest in learning practical know-how of digital marketing. The best place to start is to enroll in a digital marketing course.

Online digital marketing course – Is it a good idea?

The COVID-19 pandemic has blown open a trunk of digital options that challenge your convention classroom learning. As a result, you have an option to up your skills with already available resources (a phone/laptop, internet connectivity) in the comfort of your home or location of your choice.

Is it a good idea?
It certainly is!

In addition to holding your degree certificate upon graduating from an engineering institute, you will also have gained a repertoire of skills that can complement your education. The best part about pursuing a course online is that you can complete it in tandem with your formal education.

How can this guide help you in selecting the best digital marketing course?

Living in the digital age has made it rather simple for anyone interested to expand their skill set, making courses available on the screen in their hands. While this has undeniable benefits, one cannot ignore the very evident flipside – the plethora of online courses, making the selection process rather difficult.

What’s available online?
The regular online digital marketing courses that appear on your quick Google search usually offer you –

  • 20-50 hours of video-based training (pre-recorded videos).
  • Quizzes to assess your learning.
  • Downloadable checklist and notes.
  • Access to a community on
  • Facebook/Whatsapp/Telegram.
  • Assured updates along the way.
  • Lifetime access to the course content.
These are common offerings that most online courses provide. Others take it a notch higher and conduct a 2 to 3 days workshop wherein you get to participate in a webinar in which the instructor addresses hundreds of trainees.
Does this seem to be the right proposition to you?
If not, what should you be looking for?
The objective of this guide is to lay out a few comprehensive steps that will help you wade through the clutter of online courses on digital marketing to zero-in on the one course that suits you best.
Gear up, let’s get started.

Steps to select the best digital marketing course for YOU:

1. Ask Yourself:

We will go through these steps with YOU in the center. So, let’s start there – with YOU!
Step 1 in this process is to decide what you want from this course.

  • Is the course for mere awareness or a full-fledged career?
  • What area in digital marketing draws your interest?
  • How much time are you willing to invest in learning?
  • What are your expectations for the course?

If you are wondering why it’s important to go through this set of questions, it’s because it serves as parameters which can help sieve out only those courses that match your expectation.

For example –

Let’s say, you are serious about taking up digital marketing as a career post your graduation, then you will have to look for courses that impart detailed, in-depth learning in areas that you are keen on learning.

Furthermore, if you can set aside 1 or 2 hours in a day to learn digital marketing, you will have to look for courses that allow you that flexibility.

Knowing these details will help make the search more streamlined enabling you to find the course that suits your requirement quicker.

What you derive at the end of this step?
You unravel nuances that form the basis that will help in easier decision making with regard to course selection.

Quick Tip: Make a note of your answers to the questions listed above. This will solidify your basis of course selection.

2. Look for a course with a well-planned curriculum:

Now that you are aware of what you want and expect from a digital marketing course, the next step is to look for courses that are in agreement with your list of answers (from the previous step).

Points for consideration:

  • Check if the course needs to be completed within a set timeline or can be completed at your own pace.
  • Will you have to work with a pre-recorded video that discusses course content and assigns tasks?
  • Is the course instructor-led (do you get to interact with your instructor for a one-on-one interaction)?
  • Is the course theoretical or does it include practical tasks for you to execute and gain feedback?

Now let’s expound each facet one by one.

  • A fixed timeline or at your own pace?
    Before you opt for do-at-your-own-pace courses which most students prefer, think on these lines.

How many students who opt for a do-at-your-own-pace course actually complete the course?

Also, let’s say that you completed a module of such a course and take a break (for let’s say 10 days).

Will you not be getting back to the course with diminished inputs?

On the contrary, if you opt for a course that sets a fixed timeline for completion and makes available course resources for the said duration

Will you not take up and finish the course with uniform dedication throughout the course duration?

Although you are free to opt for a course format that works for you, we recommend that you choose a digital marketing course that comes with a deadline.

Think about it! The choice is totally yours!

  • Pre-recorded videos or live training?

Most digital marketing courses available online predominantly use pre-recorded videos to train students. However, this poses to be a monologue that does not give you an option to interact with your instructor. Which means, no immediate doubt clearance, no exposition of ideas, no exchange of thought that fosters creativity and innovation that is critical to digital marketing efforts.

Learning is a multi-layered process. 

You listen to what the instructor is imparting.

You assimilate the points shared with you

If a doubt arises, you clear it without further ado. 

Apply the learning derived. Get feedback from your instructor.

While evaluating the course curriculum, check if the learning comes full circle at the end of each session. In other words, the learning starts with your instructor’s teaching and ends with his/her feedback.

If you can find a course wherein the instructor is with you every step of the way – sign up for it without a second thought!

  • Synchronous or asynchronous learning format?

What do you prefer – an Instructor-Led Training (ILT) or Web-Based Training (WBT)?

As highlighted in the previous point, ILT is the preferred format that facilitates better learning. ILT courses are either imparted face-to-face or as a virtual live training via webinar and the like.

Benefits of ILT format:

  • You get to interact with the instructor (that is a BIG plus).
  • You can clear doubts or discuss tips/tricks which you would not have been able to in a pure e-Learning course.
  • You get access to solutions for the questions asked by other participants.
  • You can obtain feedback from your instructor once you execute the learning you have obtained.
  • Your instructor can correct you if you are wrong.

Now, let’s weigh all the above-listed benefits against ‘you, sitting by yourself in front of your laptop, learning from a pre-recorded video’. 

Hence, the ILT/Synchronous format of learning is what we recommend.

  • Theoretical course or practical learning?

Is the course curriculum heavily inclined towards sharing theoretical knowledge or does it have a provision to apply and present the learning? – This is a question that you need to obtain an answer for.

If the course seems to carry a theoretical curriculum or a purely practical one – look away!

The best course curriculum is the one that strikes a balance between theory and application. Hence, we recommend that you look for digital marketing courses that allow you to learn and apply.

What you derive at the end of this step?
By now, you should have gone through a good number of course curriculum, screening out only the handful that meets the recommended criteria.

3. Research the institute offering the course:

This is an important step in your search for the best digital marketing course that best suits you. 

Who is offering the digital marketing course that has made it to your consideration list?

 Is it an e-Learning platform that allows any instructor to upload a course?
Is it an online learning platform that has tie-ups with universities?

Is it an institute that is invested in teaching digital marketing concepts to its students?

Is it an agency that is currently offering digital marketing services to clients?


If the courses in your consideration list fall in the first 3 categories, we recommend that you set them aside and opt for the last option – A digital marketing agency.


The answer is simple – The first three options are theoretically inclined. These institutes will teach you all the concepts out of a book and will leave the practical application completely in your hands. No doubt you will gain knowledge by pursuing courses offered by such institutes. However, how much of that obtained knowledge can be translated to execution is a question you will have to reckon with.

 The best option is the one that not just imparts conceptual knowledge but also shares industry know-hows gained by offering digital marketing services to real clients. In other words, the best option is a Digital Marketing Agency.

Why is a Digital Marketing Agency the best place to learn digital marketing?

Here are a few reasons –

  • The knowledge they share is most likely what they are currently practicing.
  • The practices taught will be tried, tested, and result oriented. 
  • They will have a practical solution to any doubt you may have.
  • They can give you tasks/assignments that are close to real client opportunities – you will gain hands-on experience.
  • You can get a glimpse into the process that a digital marketing agency adopts while servicing their clients.

And the list can go on!

You will miss these perks if you opt for a course offered by an e-Learning platform or teaching institute.

What you derive at the end of this step?
After step 3, you must have a handful of good courses to look through.

4. Find out who your instructor is:

Now that we have deduced that an ILT program is best for a digital marketing aspirant, you must know who your instructor is.

Your learning in the ILT format program is heavily based on the knowledge your instructor holds. Here is a list of questions you should be asking –

  • Is the instructor a dedicated teacher?
  • Does he/she have work experience to back the teaching?
  • Is he/she currently a digital marketer or is part of an agency that offers such services?
  • Does he/she have good reviews?
  • Did his/her students take up digital marketing roles after the course completion and are they successful at what they are doing?

Once you have the answer to the above-listed questions, you can further sieve out courses in your consideration list. 

Here’s how – 

We recommend that you learn under the tutelage of an instructor who is currently practicing what he/she is teaching. It is best if you can find a digital marketer from an agency that provides said services as the learning thus gained will be well-proven, and relevant. 

On the other hand, if you choose a course wherein a dedicated teacher is explaining concepts to you out of a book, you will learn theory and miss the application.

What you derive at the end of this step?
You are almost there! It’s decision-making time!

5. Find out if the course certificate issued is valid:

Most institutes offer some certification to students who complete the course. But the question is – Is the certificate valid?

In other words, is the certificate issued a mere ‘completion certificate’?

If yes, refrain from investing in such a course. If you are wondering ‘why?’, it’s because the certificate of completion just declares that you have taken up and completed the course. It does not say how well you fared in the assessment administered to gauge the extent of your learning. 

Enroll yourself with an institute that can teach, assess, and offer certification upon the completion of the digital marketing course. If you can learn, apply, and earn an accredited certificate at the hands of a digital marketing agency – the effort is totally worthwhile.

Have you been able to find the digital marketing course that is best for you yet?

An ILT program offered by a digital marketing agency that assures issuance of a verifiable certificate – is what we highly recommend.

You can go through this comprehensive step-by-step guide to finalize the digital marketing course based on the initial criteria you listed in step 1.

If you are having difficulty finding such a course for yourself – here is a recommendation.

The Digital Marketing Course by Brizzo Academy.

The Brizzo Digital Marketing Course is offered by Brizzo Digital, a digital marketing agency that works toward helping clients gain an accentuated online visibility which in turn culminates in increased business. 

The course offers –

  • Virtual Live Training.
  • Opportunity to train under the tutelage of an experienced digital marketer – Anish Kuriakose (Also the co-founder of Brizzo Digital).
  • Assignments with associated feedback.
  • Duration – 15 days. 
  • Certificate from Brizzo Academy. 

The digital marketing course by Brizzo Academy is apt for you if you are considering digital marketing as a serious career option after graduating from your engineering program. 

Register for the Brizzo course without a second thought.

Happy Learning!