81% of Small Businesses Rely On Email Marketing

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1. Customer prefer Email

An email marketing agency will help small businesses to reach out to their leads and customers as emails are also a professional medium to communicate your brand. Moreover, email marketing is an effective strategy because it is permission-based. The people on your email list are actually the ones who have signed up in order to get updates from you.

A study even reports that 72% of consumers prefer receiving promotional messages through email.

2. High Return On Investment

One of the most important reasons for businesses to start with email marketing is that it provides a high return on investment (ROI). Customers that receive marketing emails tend to spend more, thus providing a higher ROI for small businesses. Moreover, email subscribers are more likely to be your qualified leads and increase the chances of conversion as email drives relevant traffic to your website.

3. Build Brand Awareness

Email campaigns like email marketing newsletters help small businesses to build brand awareness, thus contributing to their sustainable growth over the course. An email marketing design agency will enhance your business’s visibility and build stronger relationships with your target audience not only to land new sales but also to sustain repeat sales over time.

4. Comes with more features

Using other marketing tactics, you need to convey your message in a short and concise manner whereas emails are more interactive and allow you to personalize your content. An email service provider has email templates with a drag and drop interface to help you get started with your campaign. However, an email marketing agency with their content editors and designers can help you in making visually and conceptually impactful emails that will elicit highly positive responses from your prospects and customers.

It’s Personal and Convenient

Most people find this type of communication very convenient as they have access to email right on their smartphones. In addition to this, email marketing agencies can personalize messages and content based on your subscribers’ preferences and buying patterns. Thus, your target audience can redeem any special offers wherever they are and will respond best to those messages that are personalized and relevant.

It is Inexpensive

Most small businesses are looking for affordable ways to reach and engage their audience. Email marketing is a cost-effective marketing tactic allowing small businesses to get more with very little investment. Traditional marketing tactics can cost you thousands of dollars whereas email marketing will reach your target audience for just pennies per recipient.


Reach more Mobile Users

Customers today use email on mobile devices making email marketing an ideal tactic for small businesses wanting to reach their mobile users. Reading and sending emails is convenient for them on mobile devices. Thus, it’s essential to optimize your marketing emails for these devices as more consumers are going mobile every day. If you want to catch the attention of this growing audience then email marketing companies can help you do that by making them mobile-friendly and optimized for mobile device users.

Email integrates with other Marketing Strategies

Email marketing is most beneficial as it integrates well with other marketing strategies. Thus, email marketing management services will help you support several other campaigns and meet a variety of marketing goals.


1. Transactional Emails

Transactional email, also known as triggered or automated email, is a method of customer communication in which automated, real-time messages are sent through email after a particular action has been performed by the user in an application or website. These contain personalized information, directly concerned with the action taken by the user.

Password resets, legal notifications, shipping notification, and purchase receipts are some examples of transactional emails, containing valuable information often critical to a customer’s experience.

2. Relational Emails

Relational emails primarily offer ‘value’ to your subscribers, even when they haven’t asked for it. These emails may not directly offer or sell a service but are designed to build relationships with your subscribers by adding value upfront. Companies sending relational emails have 50% more sales than those who do not.

Newsletter, new content announcement email, company email updates, milestone emails, and survey emails are some examples of relational emails.

3. Promotional Emails

Promotional emails are the most common type of marketing emails used to make an offer to your email list. These are primarily designed to stimulate sales, thus informing your readers about events, offers, upcoming sales, etc. Promotional emails are undoubtedly the most recognizable email marketing format, generating a much higher click-through-rate to the business’s website.

Special offer emails, event invitation emails, co-marketing emails, and seasonal campaign emails are some examples of promotional emails.

4. Broadcast Emails

Broadcast email also referred to as bulk and mass email is an individual email sent to a group of subscribers to get an announcement out to your list. Thus, an email marketing agency will manually send emails to your entire list or a segment of the list for either promoting something or keeping your relationship with a subscriber.

Welcome Email Setup


Email Campaign

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Triggered Email Series

Email Marketing Strategy

What does the process involve?

1. Know your Target Audience and Goals

This is the first step we need to take in order to run a successful email marketing campaign. Every business may come up with different goals including those of welcoming new subscribers, segmenting your subscribers, boosting engagement, nurturing existing subscribers, etc.

Surely, subject line, email copy, and a Call-To-Action will make up for a great email, however, your target audience is the other part of what will make your emails great. This is only when they’ll relate to the tone and content of the emails, thus it’s imperative to direct the campaign towards the correct target audience.

2. Create Optins and Plan Emails

Attractive optin forms are necessary to get your customers’ attention and encourage them to sign up. Our email marketing design agency will help your small business with different types of optin forms on different parts of your site.


We’ll then note down your email frequency, type of email, a rough idea of your content, and the main action you want your subscribers to take to plan out your emails.

3. Write your Email Marketing copy

The next step is to write your email marketing copy, making sure to make it personalized and more targeted to meet different user expectations. Our email marketing agency will keep your emails short, highlighting the main points and will place the call to action (CTA), which is the one thing you most want your customers to do when they read your email.

4. Test and Track

Your email will then be sent and we’ll collect data by testing and tracking everything from design and layout, email marketing copy to subject lines and calls to action. Email marketing companies will manage and monitor your email analytics and work towards improving future campaigns.



1. Determine Your Goals

This is the most important part of your campaign to be successful. We’ll figure out what you want to accomplish from this campaign, whether it’s earning money on ad impressions and driving more traffic or it’s to sell your services and increase your sales. Thus, understanding your email marketing goals will be of utmost importance in making your copy in the body of your emails.

2. Choose an Email Marketing Platform

Our email marketing agency will choose the right platforms for you considering your main goals and target audience. We’ll be working towards building a self-sustaining email marketing campaign with email triggers and autoresponders that will fit within your budget and scale to accommodate your growth.

3. Build and Segment your Email list

Our email marketing design agency will help attract visitors on your website with compelling and relevant content to build a database of contacts from scratch. Later, segmenting your email list will help you send highly-targeted emails to customers based on their interests or demographic criteria. Depending upon your service, we’ll consider several data points to segment your audience including geography, demographics, past purchases, position in sales funnel, etc.

6. Send and Study Campaign Performance

Finally, we’ll reach the last step of your email marketing campaign, which is to send your emails. But there’s more to it. We’ll study your campaign’s performance by segmenting your list, testing your emails against one another, making alterations, and finally getting you to achieve your business goals.

5. Enable Autoresponders and Tracking

Our email marketing agency will then enable autoresponders to nurture leads, provide confirmation that data was released, build trust, and convey useful information about your services and promotions. We’ll then work towards optimizing your email campaign, and marketing assets by tracking and obtaining performance analytics.

4. Create a Campaign and design your Email

We’ll then proceed towards creating a campaign by choosing your recipients or using the segmentation option. The header, body, and footer of your email will be designed with an effective visual and textual presentation.

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