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Why Paid online ads matter to small business?

1. Delivers Fast Results

While organic channels of marketing are one of the most important content promotion tactics, it comes with a drawback of being slow. You may take months or even years in getting your content at the top with these strategies, whereas including paid online advertising in your strategy will give your organic content a boost.

Paid advertising is commonly known as pay-per-click (PPC). Thus, PPC services can help your content to rank higher by placing ads for keywords and bringing in high-quality traffic.

2. Broadcasting your Brand across Multiple Platforms

There’s no full stop to where these campaigns can reach. From display ad banners, video ads, social media ads to simple text ads appearing above searches on Google, there are so many options for you to suit every need of this campaign. With PPC management services, target the right audience through digital platforms.

3. Ads are Affordable

PPC advertising is affordable as you get to select how much you want to spend. You’ll be charged a certain amount ‘per click’, that is, each time someone visits your website. That is why this strategy is known as ‘Pay-per-click’. Moreover, the cost of paid advertising will depend on the type of ad you’re running. Thus, with the help of PPC services, these ads will be created in mere minutes and will have the relevant images at a very low cost.

4. Connecting and Engaging with your Audience

Your potential customers are constantly looking for the services you offer. With paid advertising, you’ll always be at the top of their selection list. Your content will have a chance to speak for your brand and turn your website visitors into loyal customers. Moreover, your brand’s message will do the talking across digital platforms, thus engaging your audience.

Boosts Revenue

PPC services help your brand to increase your sales and revenue by targeting users who are most likely to benefit from your services. By running ads across different networks and platforms leads to more sign-ups and ultimately leads to more conversions. Thus, online paid advertising will help your business to find leads, increase sales, and ultimately make more money.

Specific Targeting is available

By selecting the right keywords, demographics, interests, and locations, you specifically target your primary audience across all digital platforms. By investing in PPC management services, you’re just looking forward to employing this and inviting potential customers, get more qualified leads, and increase conversions.


Ads are Measurable

You can keep track of all the money you’ve spent on all paid ad platforms such as Google, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. PPC management for small businesses is essential and you can start off by setting budgets for paid advertising campaigns. This will stop you from overspending. You’ll have analytics giving you the metrics right at your fingertips.

Amplify your Reach

PPC management for small businesses will greatly help in amplifying the business’s reach by aligning advertising strategies with audiences’ behavioral patterns. Now, people being shifted to various social media platforms, paid ads will make a guaranteed place in your target audiences’ feed.


1. Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) has been an effective paid advertising strategy for many years now. These account for nearly 65% of clicks compared to merely 35% of those generated organically. This is because PPC visitors are 50% more likely to purchase as compared to organic visitors.

2. Social Media Ads

As social media sites have several paid marketing options to offer their users, the power of posting ads on social media has grown exponentially. It is the easiest and the most effective way of targeting the right audience, learning more about their preferences, and creating great ad content.

3. Banner Ads

Banner ads have been in the industry for a long time and are now displayed not just on desktop devices but on mobile devices as well. Banner ads still continue to be one of the most effective paid online advertising strategies, expanding your small business’s reach.

4. Ads Retargeting

Ad retargeting or remarketing utilizes cookies on a website to anonymously track your visitors’ activities. Thus, implementing this paid online advertising strategy you can be assured that your services will reach your users, who may then turn into your potential customers.

Search Ads

Display Banner Ads

Remarketing Ads

Google Shopping Ads

Social Ads

What does the process involve?

1. Documenting your prospective Buyer Persona

Our PPC services will help you target the right audience segments with the right messaging. Detailed buyer personas for your ideal customers will be created, thus targeting your prospective customers with a high degree of granularity.

2. Choosing the right platforms

You can go about with PPC advertising wherein you bid on relevant terms or phrases (keywords) that causes text-based ads to be displayed to users when they enter search queries into Google or Bing. You can also target prospective customers on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter by paid social advertising.

3. Paid Online Advertising Campaign Elements

Effective advertising campaigns combine several interconnected elements that perform unique functions and help in maximizing the campaign’s potential. There’s so much more to online advertising than just placing an ad. These essential elements include text and visual ads, landing pages, call tracking, sponsored content, analytics, etc.

4. Measuring results and improving the Campaign

This has to be the most crucial part of the campaign. Our PPC management services will check up on your site’s reports for an overview of your PPC performance. The detailed reports will be sent to you while our services will work towards making the campaign better for you and your customers.



1. Knowing your Business and Main Goals

Before delving into your target audience and keyword research, our PPC services will focus on knowing your business and your main goals. What is your objective behind running a PPC campaign? The answer to this question along with your business goals will set the base to drive a successful PPC campaign.Before you even worry about who your target audience is or what keywords you want to target, you need to understand what the business hopes to achieve through running a PPC campaign. It is important to set the objective of your campaign. Ad objective will help you to drive your campaign effectively. Identify your ad objective and keep it in mind while planning your campaign strategy.

2. Comprehensive Keyword Research

The next step would include thorough keyword research, keeping your buyer persona in mind. This will ensure that you appear for the right searches to connect with your audience. We’ll then proceed towards closely monitoring your campaign’s performance throughout.

3. Ad Creation

Based on your target audience and keyword research, our PPC services will produce the most effective ads, on the right platforms. Thus, giving a structure to your campaign and getting higher conversions through these ads.

6. Detailed Reporting through Proof of ROI

Our services will keep a thorough check on the campaign using data tracking tools and generate a customized report, highlighting what worked for your niche and what didn’t. The campaign’s successful and unsuccessful elements will be listed, while our services would work in its optimization, improving the campaign’s overall performance.

5. Split Testing and Comparison of Ads

We’ll then set up comparisons testing the effectiveness of different ads. Our PPC management services will analyze whether this campaign is meeting your goals or not and also evaluate the parts which are working the best for your business.

4. Landing Page Creation

Creating a landing page on your site will welcome the visitors that have clicked your PPC ads. This page will be tailored to specifically sell your services rather than your site serving multiple purposes. The content on your landing pages will be well-structured and user friendly, thus allowing your customers to make a purchase or complete a conversion.

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