Web Design & Development Services For Startups & Small Businesses

Why web design services matter to a small business?

1. Builds Trust with your Prospective Customers

Customers don’t trust poorly designed websites and often consider it to be outdated. Thus, if your website design doesn’t convey trust, they’ll switch to your competitor who has a well-designed website. It’s imperative to build trust with your audience for them to stay longer on your site and create more opportunities for your business.

2. Connects you with customers in Google Search

Daily, people make several searches on Google. No matter whatever your business is focused on, there’ll be people who search for the services you provide. If this is the case then not having a website can be lethal to your business.

3. It's Your Online Salesman

A lot of your customers have shifted to purchasing products and services online. Thus, you need to shift your shop or office there too. This shop will be displayed in the form of a website, which has to be appealing and professional enough for the customer to make a purchase.

4. Build your online marketing foundation

Without a well-designed website, your online presence is almost negligible. The only way to build authority online is to have an informative website, well thought out and well designed as it will portray how professional you are.

Any marketing campaign you undertake will be tied back to your website.

Set The First Impression

Your audience will judge your business within those few seconds when they first visit your website. If your website is unappealing then it’ll have a negative impact on your audience. Web design is important as it greatly impacts your audiences’ perception of your brand.

Makes an Impression for Customer Service

By simply having a live website, you become a business that’s available round the clock.


Aids Your SEO Strategy

This is something you cannot afford to mess up. Your content needs to be SEO-friendly to rank higher on Google. Thus, partnering up with our web design agency will aid your SEO strategy and ensure proper web design services.

Builds Consistency

To make your website look professional, you need to have the same fonts, styles, and layouts across every page. By building consistency, you’re making customers familiar with your business and letting them know how professional you are with your niche.

What does website design & development cover?

1. Developing and designing an aesthetic and logistic website

Not only should your website look aesthetically pleasing and unique, but it also should have a functional space and a strong foundation. The design process must consider the problems of your customers along with the aesthetic touch.

2. Providing better user experience

A functional website is more convenient for the user than just being visually appealing. Thus, our web design and development services build websites striking a balance between the two, that is, visual appeal and functionality.

3. Making websites speedy & mobile-friendly

Merely translating an amazing business idea into a website won’t serve the purpose if it doesn’t load fast enough or isn’t mobile-friendly. We make sure to not disappoint your potential customers by making websites load fast and mobile-friendly.

4. Supporting you & your website

Not only will our web design and development services help you design customizable websites at the beginning, but it also will provide ongoing maintenance for up to 1 year, at absolutely no cost.

WordPress Website Development

UX Design

UI Design

Landing Page Design

Ecommerce Website Design

Site Speed Improvement

Shopify Website Design

Responsive Web Design

Website Redesign

Web Hosting & Domain Name Registration

What does the process involve?

1. Branding your site with your theme gives it a personality

A brand is what makes a business stand out from the crowd. We brand your website as per your style giving it a personality that makes your site unique.

2. Buyer persona research

Before we begin the design process, we do a buyer or customer persona research which sets the right tone for the brand message across your website. This makes the site highly personalised to you target audience.

3. Calls To Action

You definitely want your website visitors to take some form of action or the other on your site. Based on the user research that we do, we place Calls-To-Action (CTAs) strategically to get visitors to take action on the site.

4. Aesthetically pleasing to the eyes

Of course, you want an awesome looking website. However, we ensure a fine balance of visual appeal and smooth and intuitively functioning site that will drive your business.



1. Learning about your Target Audience

You cannot just make content on your website vaguely addressing a generic audience. You need to be specific and lucid about your main goals and the target audience you want to achieve through this website.

2. Building an Intuitive Sitemap

A user experience (UX) study will be conducted to understand your buyer persona, thus making your website highly personalized for your target audience. An intuitive sitemap will then be structured based on the UX study, which would help site visitors easily navigate your website. Along with that, you’ll also be ranked higher on Google. Thus, giving your website a personality and making it different from the lot.

3. Designing the UI

Based on the information collected and processed in the UX study, we’ll then proceed towards creating a wireframe and designing a low-fi prototype. This will be run by stakeholders for approvals. Finally, we’ll design the high-fi homepage prototype which will be then followed by the inner pages.

6. Testing for bugs and Going Live!

This is the final and the most crucial step. We’ll have a thorough check on your website and make sure that it is spotless, pristine, and bug-free. We begin this check with an ongoing test followed by the review process. After going through these, the site is prepared to grow in the digital world and prosper. When everything’s perfect, we’ll go live! Your website will then bloom in the digital world competing with your competitors.

5. Coding

Finally, it’s time to get the design and content material together, to put up on a test server. This will be then looked upon by the concerned parties at the live mockup. All the necessary CMS setup and plugins will be installed and you’ll get to feel your website and get a clear vision about how it would look when it would go live.

4. Content Creation and Assembly

A website’s content must be valuable enough for a customer to spend time on it for a longer period. Whether it’s a new website or a redesign, the content will be taken care of by adding new pieces to the list or discarding the old ones. This step would also involve placing Calls-To-Action (CTAs) strategically to let your potential customers take action on your site.

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